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Scene 1 - For your Valentine’s day pleasure Mistress Gemini is going to make your cock hard and straining and if your Mistress doesn’t have your penis in a cage I doubt you are going to be able to restrain yourself. This poor slave doesn’t have a choice and he endures the sweetest suffering. Gemini approaches in high heels and a smart business outfit and proceeds with a slow strip tease to drive this slave wild. She has him bound tight to a chair and she slowly reveals her perfect body as she undresses slowly piece by piece. His tiny slave cock is jumping when she gets to her bra, and when her panties come off he is jumping in the chair to try and touch the body of this Goddess that is seductively pressed against him. Practically naked she drops before him with moves of a pro pole dancer and the slave suffers seeing Gemini’s sex and knowing he will never every have that.

Scene 2 - Mistress Gemini has had this slave in a chastity device for a long time and has already got his balls ready to burst with a seductive strip tease. Now in sexy matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings she continues this painful tease and denial. She has him bound and whispers seductively to him. She spits on his cock and teases it with her nails and strokes it making him beg for release. She slaps his cock and balls and whacks is with a rope flogger pulling the cords over his straining cock. The slave bucks his hips at the contact. Then Gemini places and butterfly vibrator on his balls and uses another vibrator on tease the head of his cock and this nipples. This slave thrashes more violently as the pressure builds and he begs Gemini to end his torment and let him release.

Madeline is the master of orgasm denial and ruined orgasm torture. I mean, her gorgeous face, pleasure inducing body, and sexual mastery enable her to create the most powerful orgasms. But, it’s her viciousness that allows her to ruin many an orgasm.

She’s got her little cock slave all roped up, and his pole greased.
She feverishly jerks him until his toes curl and his back is about to crack, and then she lets him drop. No cumming for him.

She’s got a whole slew of sadistic ways to rev him up to the point of near explosion. She’ll milk him, make him wear genital cuffs, rubber cock sheathes, she’s ride his face, whip him, and fuck him silly – all the while making sure to work him into a lather.

It’s painful how much she cock teases. But, it’s even more painful for her little jerk slut when she builds him up to the final explosion, let’s him spew, but immediatly caps him, and cramps his balls – leaving him feeling empty and used, and fully unsatisfied. There’s even some mild post orgasm torture too.

Watch her drive him crazy here.

control his orgasm

Orgasm torture by Madeline is guaranteed to hurt. But, I’d go through any amount of drawn out milking, I’d hold by from cumming as long as she asked, I’d do just about anything to have her oiled hands wrapped around my shaft.

Madeline is a master when it comes to stroking cock. I mean, she’s so good that you’ll still be hard even after you cum in the palm of her hands. She’s also a master of humiliating her little slave jerk boy; sometimes whispering, sometimes shouting her insults as she teases her slave’s raw cock.

This milking video is about an hour long, features seven scenes, I believe. You’ll get a few different jerk-off positions. Madeline has her slave on his knees, a spreader-bar between his legs, and jerks him like he’s a dog. She has her slave on his back, spreader-bar again, his legs up in the air, she even has him laying across a swiss ball with his wrists bound. No matter how her slave is positioned, Madeline has everything in her grip.

She strokes him sometimes with an oiled hand, and sometimes bone dry. Fast and slow pumping. Sometimes she’ll work his balls and his asshole, while at other times she’ll use her long ladylike fingers only on his cock head.

I really really like how she makes everything such a long, drawn out affair. It drives me nuts when she just works his cock head. I get so jealous.

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Title: Ways To Ruin His Orgasm 2
Studio: Dark Circus
Starring: Maitresse Madeline

Ruined orgasm architect Maitresse Madeline is mean, cruel, and hot.

Little bitch has a mask on, and a dildo gag, cuffs around his balls, and his wrists bound behind his back. I love Maitress Madeline’s approach to cock domination.

Take that extreme torture, and juxtapose it with the simplicity of the gorgeous domme kneeling behind her cock slave, and lightly whispering insults into his ear, in her breathy, sexy voice as she strokes his cock.

There’s a lot going on in this, but the one consistent thing you can count on is Maitress Madeline knows how to control his cock, and she knows how to do it while looking damn good.

She also knows how to construct the perfect ruined orgasm.

Check it out here for free

So, I was going to post a bunch of ruined orgasm videos for you, but my video player is busted at the moment. Too much use?

Anyway, it should be fixed very soon, and once it is, I promise to post some ball cramping ruined orgasm videos.

In the meantime, here’s a quick gallery I threw together. Each image has a video associated with you, just click this link here, and it’ll take you to the video page. Once there, you can get a free account, and use your free time to watch movies.

Watch ruined orgasm videos till your cock’s content.

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