Madeline is the master of orgasm denial and ruined orgasm torture. I mean, her gorgeous face, pleasure inducing body, and sexual mastery enable her to create the most powerful orgasms. But, it’s her viciousness that allows her to ruin many an orgasm.

She’s got her little cock slave all roped up, and his pole greased.
She feverishly jerks him until his toes curl and his back is about to crack, and then she lets him drop. No cumming for him.

She’s got a whole slew of sadistic ways to rev him up to the point of near explosion. She’ll milk him, make him wear genital cuffs, rubber cock sheathes, she’s ride his face, whip him, and fuck him silly – all the while making sure to work him into a lather.

It’s painful how much she cock teases. But, it’s even more painful for her little jerk slut when she builds him up to the final explosion, let’s him spew, but immediatly caps him, and cramps his balls – leaving him feeling empty and used, and fully unsatisfied. There’s even some mild post orgasm torture too.

Watch her drive him crazy here.

control his orgasm

Orgasm torture by Madeline is guaranteed to hurt. But, I’d go through any amount of drawn out milking, I’d hold by from cumming as long as she asked, I’d do just about anything to have her oiled hands wrapped around my shaft.

Madeline is a master when it comes to stroking cock. I mean, she’s so good that you’ll still be hard even after you cum in the palm of her hands. She’s also a master of humiliating her little slave jerk boy; sometimes whispering, sometimes shouting her insults as she teases her slave’s raw cock.

This milking video is about an hour long, features seven scenes, I believe. You’ll get a few different jerk-off positions. Madeline has her slave on his knees, a spreader-bar between his legs, and jerks him like he’s a dog. She has her slave on his back, spreader-bar again, his legs up in the air, she even has him laying across a swiss ball with his wrists bound. No matter how her slave is positioned, Madeline has everything in her grip.

She strokes him sometimes with an oiled hand, and sometimes bone dry. Fast and slow pumping. Sometimes she’ll work his balls and his asshole, while at other times she’ll use her long ladylike fingers only on his cock head.

I really really like how she makes everything such a long, drawn out affair. It drives me nuts when she just works his cock head. I get so jealous.

Anyway, check out the pictures from Controlling His Orgasm

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post orgasm denial video
Title: Brutal MILF Milkers

This post orgasm torture video is no-frills, nothing but a camera on a tripod, some foul-mouthed, miserable milfs, a cock-lock-box, and some milking action.

Being that the video is only twelve minutes long, there’s not much to say. The two milfs sit under a table, there’ slave’s cock dangles between them. They wrap a plastic zip-tie around his nuts, causing his balls to sell. And once they’re all read and glowing, the milfs use there trashy, long fingernails to lightly scratch his balls. Are you scoffing from reading “lightly scratch”? Did I say that they do it for five minutes straight. After that amount of time, a light scratching to the swollen balls can be excruciating.

There’s a lot of smacking, yanking. No biting, though. The women sort of focus on his testicles. Which makes sense.

Once they yank him, milk him dry, they use their fingernails to endlessly trace circles around his pee hole. Sometimes slipping their nail inside his hole. Rubbed raw, and then poked, and rubbed some more.
God, I can almost feel it now.

Watch his balls swell, and glow like an ember here

orgasm torture
Title: Raging Hard

Mistress Jade Indica is a fucking master at inflicting orgasm torture. Plus, she’s sort of a major bitch. Combined, those qualities make her one hell of a domme.

I fucking love her body. And her face is nearly perfect. The close-ups of her gorgeous face, her teeth clamped down on her slaves flaccid cock, really got me going. The way she saunters up and down beside the table her slave is strapped down to, the way she drags her nails over his naked flesh, the extremes that she goes to to get his cock so hard that he nearly pops out of his skin.

This movie is ultimately a orgasm torture movie, but there’s a whole gauntlet of cock torture that goes into that.

Jade really lays on the pain. That’s why I love this movie. It’s authentic. There’s a ton of real pain here. She actually buries the tip of her long fingernail into his cock hole, she actually singes his ball hair with the electro wand. She actually leaves teeth marks on his shaft.

It looks so painful, but honestly, I found myself getting excited, thinking about how I wanted to go through that. Cock torture is so interesting because pleasure and pain are so closely connected through it.

Jade punishes his cock, but at the same time, she drags him closer to an insane orgasm.
Not only does she torture his flesh, but she also screws with his mind. She just doesn’t let him cum.

When he finally does explode all over her pretty face and tits, he’s in for a world of hurt. I won’t ruin the ending for you…

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Title: Ways To Ruin His Orgasm 2
Studio: Dark Circus
Starring: Maitresse Madeline

Ruined orgasm architect Maitresse Madeline is mean, cruel, and hot.

Little bitch has a mask on, and a dildo gag, cuffs around his balls, and his wrists bound behind his back. I love Maitress Madeline’s approach to cock domination.

Take that extreme torture, and juxtapose it with the simplicity of the gorgeous domme kneeling behind her cock slave, and lightly whispering insults into his ear, in her breathy, sexy voice as she strokes his cock.

There’s a lot going on in this, but the one consistent thing you can count on is Maitress Madeline knows how to control his cock, and she knows how to do it while looking damn good.

She also knows how to construct the perfect ruined orgasm.

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male milking

Squeeze His Balls and Milk Him is a hell of a milking video. It’s got two very sexy, and powerful ladies in complete control of a tied up slave’s dick.

The older Mistress has more experience, so she’s sort of instructing the other Mistress on how to give a proper, painful, milking.

The younger, less experienced Mistress is a very sexy black girl with a spectacular rack. She’s a little timid with her slave’s pud in the palm of her hand, and it takes some chastising from the older Mistress to get her to perform up to her full cock teasing potential.

To show the younger Mistress, Lea, just how serious things should be, the head Mistress just fucking nails the slave in the nuts with a swift kick. That sort of sparks some inspiration for Lea, and she responds by clamping down on the slaves nuts with her fingers.

Lea really smashes his balls in her one hand, and slowly strokes his shaft with her other hand. The older Mistress tells her to take it slow, to bring the slave near the brink of orgasm, and then to quickly let go, and let him fall all the way back.

They proceed to slowly milk him, until his balls nearly explode. Lea’s pointer finger is placed over his cock hole, she strokes him so hard, and squeezes his nuts, so he’s caught in a mix of intense and heated pleasure, and painful denial.

Eventually, just as his knees begin to buckle, the older Mistress demands that Lea violently suck the slave’s cock so he can explode.

Just as he is about to spew his hot, white cum, the Mistress puts a bowl in front of his dick and proceeds to collect his jizz as it is ejected from his cock. She then has Lea smear the slaves pearly cum all over his lips.

painful milkingmale milking
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forced handjob

Yet another Dark Circus achievement in the forced handjob genre.
After seeing this one, I realized that it is a big fantasy of mine to be mummified and getting a handjob. There’s something so awesome about being completely, and literally, in the hands of a beautiful women.

I told a co-worker of mine this, and they laughed and said it’s a lazy and selfish fantasy. I agree, and disagree. It’s not about just getting something for nothing, about passively laying there “barely conscious” as my coworker put it. I think it’s about reaching a higher level of pleasure by giving up control. The pacing is always slower, more controlled when someone else is working you.

That’s what’s going on in Dark Circus’s “A Long Drawn-Out Affair”.
Plus, once again, Maitresse Madeline gives one hell of a performance.