post orgasm denial video
Title: Brutal MILF Milkers

This post orgasm torture video is no-frills, nothing but a camera on a tripod, some foul-mouthed, miserable milfs, a cock-lock-box, and some milking action.

Being that the video is only twelve minutes long, there’s not much to say. The two milfs sit under a table, there’ slave’s cock dangles between them. They wrap a plastic zip-tie around his nuts, causing his balls to sell. And once they’re all read and glowing, the milfs use there trashy, long fingernails to lightly scratch his balls. Are you scoffing from reading “lightly scratch”? Did I say that they do it for five minutes straight. After that amount of time, a light scratching to the swollen balls can be excruciating.

There’s a lot of smacking, yanking. No biting, though. The women sort of focus on his testicles. Which makes sense.

Once they yank him, milk him dry, they use their fingernails to endlessly trace circles around his pee hole. Sometimes slipping their nail inside his hole. Rubbed raw, and then poked, and rubbed some more.
God, I can almost feel it now.

Watch his balls swell, and glow like an ember here

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