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Squeeze His Balls and Milk Him is a hell of a milking video. It’s got two very sexy, and powerful ladies in complete control of a tied up slave’s dick.

The older Mistress has more experience, so she’s sort of instructing the other Mistress on how to give a proper, painful, milking.

The younger, less experienced Mistress is a very sexy black girl with a spectacular rack. She’s a little timid with her slave’s pud in the palm of her hand, and it takes some chastising from the older Mistress to get her to perform up to her full cock teasing potential.

To show the younger Mistress, Lea, just how serious things should be, the head Mistress just fucking nails the slave in the nuts with a swift kick. That sort of sparks some inspiration for Lea, and she responds by clamping down on the slaves nuts with her fingers.

Lea really smashes his balls in her one hand, and slowly strokes his shaft with her other hand. The older Mistress tells her to take it slow, to bring the slave near the brink of orgasm, and then to quickly let go, and let him fall all the way back.

They proceed to slowly milk him, until his balls nearly explode. Lea’s pointer finger is placed over his cock hole, she strokes him so hard, and squeezes his nuts, so he’s caught in a mix of intense and heated pleasure, and painful denial.

Eventually, just as his knees begin to buckle, the older Mistress demands that Lea violently suck the slave’s cock so he can explode.

Just as he is about to spew his hot, white cum, the Mistress puts a bowl in front of his dick and proceeds to collect his jizz as it is ejected from his cock. She then has Lea smear the slaves pearly cum all over his lips.

painful milkingmale milking
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