Title: Ways To Ruin His Orgasm 2
Studio: Dark Circus
Starring: Maitresse Madeline

Ruined orgasm architect Maitresse Madeline is mean, cruel, and hot.

Little bitch has a mask on, and a dildo gag, cuffs around his balls, and his wrists bound behind his back. I love Maitress Madeline’s approach to cock domination.

Take that extreme torture, and juxtapose it with the simplicity of the gorgeous domme kneeling behind her cock slave, and lightly whispering insults into his ear, in her breathy, sexy voice as she strokes his cock.

There’s a lot going on in this, but the one consistent thing you can count on is Maitress Madeline knows how to control his cock, and she knows how to do it while looking damn good.

She also knows how to construct the perfect ruined orgasm.

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