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This free male orgasm denial video comes to us from Lakeview Entertainment. Mistress Dia Zerva masterfully dominates slave Spartacus in over an hour of cock torment, bondage, CFNM and exquisite orgasm denial. She plugs his ass while lashing him to the post and then has him moved onto his back with his cock locked in the cage for for some femdom foot fetish action. He nearly blacks out from being wrapped so tight, and then she pulls his manhood out through the plastic to tease him back to consciousness.

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Free CFNM Videos - Jerky Girls 47AN ACT OF CRUELTY!!

Miss James is a VERY Experienced Lady when it comes to manipulating the male’s penis! Today, Miss James promises to “Hurt this boy…well….where it HURTS”. The Skilled MILF proceeds to demonstrate the art of the “Ruined Orgasm” to perfection. Although the Terrified boy is Terrorized….Miss James is very “Matter of fact” as She goes through the stages…She “Been There & Done That” Hundreds of times before. She Masturbates the penis of the restrained boy until he is about to ejaculate…then She stops, and yawns as his body goes through the intended/expected shooting pains….”dry heaves”….and the painful cock twitching. After the cock stops twitching….Miss James casually starts the cycle all over again. Miss James administers no less than 4 rounds of painful stops (the cock twitching after the third “false alarm” is particularly hard to watch!! lol) before Delivering the fatal strokes during round 5 that send the boy’s ejaculation past the point of he boy things his ordeal is about to end…and the Skillful MILF is going to allow release….he is WRONG!!! Miss James squeezes the base of the boy’s shaft to restrict the release of semen….and the boy screams out loudly in pain….as Miss James smiles. There is NOTHING more fun than hurting a boy’s penis!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!


Meet KATY Perrie!!! KATY is a Young, Advertising Executive who is in need of a new career….so She is applying for a Job at The Jerk Corporation. Miss Donna…who is the VP in charge of “Forced Ejaculations”… interviewing KATY. KATY’s resume seems to be quite impressive….and OBVIOUSLY….She’s Very, Very HOT….so Miss Donna wants KATY to perform a “Test Jerk”, to see if She has what it takes. A lowly boy from the loading dock is brought into Miss Donna’s office…and ordered to remove his pants and prepare to have his semen removed. While Miss Donna watches and takes notes….Young KATY proceeds to Masturbate the lowly boy. Her Jerking is so good, in fact….that the boy actually comments on it….causing Miss Donna to administer some of the most Forceful, Hand Over Mouth Smothering ever caught on tape!!!! The boy can hardly breathe as KATY Pulls it out of him. She is Hired!!!! KATY’s first Day At Jerk will be Monday!!!

The Cleavage Distraction!!

Miss Sharon is going over the latest TPS Reports with a couple of the boys in the office. One of the boys, in particular, is brand new to the Jerk Corporation…..AND very young….just out of High School. As Miss Sharon goes over the Reports…both boys….and especially the young one…are VERY Distracted by Her Cleavage. As you know….Miss Sharon has GINORMOUS….HUGE…..MASSIVE…..BOUNCY….100% REAL TITS!!!! After a few moments, Miss Sharon realizes the boy’s are Distracted by Her Cleavage. She dismisses one boy…..and makes the young boy stay behind for some “Humiliation Therapy”….to allow him to “focus” on his job. Miss Sharon sits beside the youngster and Shoves his face into Her Cleavage… She Masturbates his penis. When the young boy’s penis becomes fully erect in Her experienced Hands….Miss Sharon Pulls down Her top….exposing Her Famous Tits…and encourages the boy to Kiss and Suck them. This results in an immediate….and enormous ejaculation from the over-excited boy…..all over himself!!!! Maybe now She can go back to talking about Business???


Two Middle-Aged Cougars…..Lee Cook and Deborah Wilson……are hanging out on a Saturday Morning….in their PJ’s…… talking about men…well…actually, talking about boys….YOUNG, YOUNG boys!!!! Ha Ha Ha. Mrs. Wilson is complaining that She LOVES to Jerk-Off young boys…but they are so hard to find. Mrs. Cook agrees. So….The Two Middle-Aged Women decide to set up a “Cougar trap”! Mrs. Cook calls the young boy across the hall, and tells him that She needs to buy pants for Her son…who is away at College, and is about the same size & build.. The young boy takes the Bait….and comes over to Mrs. Cook’s Apartment. The Women talk the boy into removing his pants…so they can check his waist size & inseam. Then…while the youngster is without pants….Mrs. Cook distracts him with Her Cleavage….as Mrs. Wilson grabs his arms and ties him up!!!! The Women laugh….”Ha Ha Ha…he is caught in the Cougar trap!!”. While the boy is rendered helpless….the two Cougars take turns Milking him…until he explodes with a Great Big Blast of boy goo!!!! All over himself!!!!


18 Year Old Tracy is back….. Since Her 18th Birthday a few months ago…..Tracy has been on a Cock-Jerking spree!!! Watch as She uses Her Sweet, Young Hand to make this boy squirt!! There is nothing better than watching a Young GODDESS like Tracy use Her Power to cause ejaculation!!!

Free Orgasm Denial Videos - Lingerie Strip CBTease and Denial
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Scene 1 - For your Valentine’s day pleasure Mistress Gemini is going to make your cock hard and straining and if your Mistress doesn’t have your penis in a cage I doubt you are going to be able to restrain yourself. This poor slave doesn’t have a choice and he endures the sweetest suffering. Gemini approaches in high heels and a smart business outfit and proceeds with a slow strip tease to drive this slave wild. She has him bound tight to a chair and she slowly reveals her perfect body as she undresses slowly piece by piece. His tiny slave cock is jumping when she gets to her bra, and when her panties come off he is jumping in the chair to try and touch the body of this Goddess that is seductively pressed against him. Practically naked she drops before him with moves of a pro pole dancer and the slave suffers seeing Gemini’s sex and knowing he will never every have that.

Scene 2 - Mistress Gemini has had this slave in a chastity device for a long time and has already got his balls ready to burst with a seductive strip tease. Now in sexy matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings she continues this painful tease and denial. She has him bound and whispers seductively to him. She spits on his cock and teases it with her nails and strokes it making him beg for release. She slaps his cock and balls and whacks is with a rope flogger pulling the cords over his straining cock. The slave bucks his hips at the contact. Then Gemini places and butterfly vibrator on his balls and uses another vibrator on tease the head of his cock and this nipples. This slave thrashes more violently as the pressure builds and he begs Gemini to end his torment and let him release.

Madeline is the master of orgasm denial and ruined orgasm torture. I mean, her gorgeous face, pleasure inducing body, and sexual mastery enable her to create the most powerful orgasms. But, it’s her viciousness that allows her to ruin many an orgasm.

She’s got her little cock slave all roped up, and his pole greased.
She feverishly jerks him until his toes curl and his back is about to crack, and then she lets him drop. No cumming for him.

She’s got a whole slew of sadistic ways to rev him up to the point of near explosion. She’ll milk him, make him wear genital cuffs, rubber cock sheathes, she’s ride his face, whip him, and fuck him silly – all the while making sure to work him into a lather.

It’s painful how much she cock teases. But, it’s even more painful for her little jerk slut when she builds him up to the final explosion, let’s him spew, but immediatly caps him, and cramps his balls – leaving him feeling empty and used, and fully unsatisfied. There’s even some mild post orgasm torture too.

Watch her drive him crazy here.

control his orgasm

Orgasm torture by Madeline is guaranteed to hurt. But, I’d go through any amount of drawn out milking, I’d hold by from cumming as long as she asked, I’d do just about anything to have her oiled hands wrapped around my shaft.

Madeline is a master when it comes to stroking cock. I mean, she’s so good that you’ll still be hard even after you cum in the palm of her hands. She’s also a master of humiliating her little slave jerk boy; sometimes whispering, sometimes shouting her insults as she teases her slave’s raw cock.

This milking video is about an hour long, features seven scenes, I believe. You’ll get a few different jerk-off positions. Madeline has her slave on his knees, a spreader-bar between his legs, and jerks him like he’s a dog. She has her slave on his back, spreader-bar again, his legs up in the air, she even has him laying across a swiss ball with his wrists bound. No matter how her slave is positioned, Madeline has everything in her grip.

She strokes him sometimes with an oiled hand, and sometimes bone dry. Fast and slow pumping. Sometimes she’ll work his balls and his asshole, while at other times she’ll use her long ladylike fingers only on his cock head.

I really really like how she makes everything such a long, drawn out affair. It drives me nuts when she just works his cock head. I get so jealous.

Anyway, check out the pictures from Controlling His Orgasm

Check out Madeline’s personal site


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post orgasm denial video
Title: Brutal MILF Milkers

This post orgasm torture video is no-frills, nothing but a camera on a tripod, some foul-mouthed, miserable milfs, a cock-lock-box, and some milking action.

Being that the video is only twelve minutes long, there’s not much to say. The two milfs sit under a table, there’ slave’s cock dangles between them. They wrap a plastic zip-tie around his nuts, causing his balls to sell. And once they’re all read and glowing, the milfs use there trashy, long fingernails to lightly scratch his balls. Are you scoffing from reading “lightly scratch”? Did I say that they do it for five minutes straight. After that amount of time, a light scratching to the swollen balls can be excruciating.

There’s a lot of smacking, yanking. No biting, though. The women sort of focus on his testicles. Which makes sense.

Once they yank him, milk him dry, they use their fingernails to endlessly trace circles around his pee hole. Sometimes slipping their nail inside his hole. Rubbed raw, and then poked, and rubbed some more.
God, I can almost feel it now.

Watch his balls swell, and glow like an ember here

orgasm torture
Title: Raging Hard

Mistress Jade Indica is a fucking master at inflicting orgasm torture. Plus, she’s sort of a major bitch. Combined, those qualities make her one hell of a domme.

I fucking love her body. And her face is nearly perfect. The close-ups of her gorgeous face, her teeth clamped down on her slaves flaccid cock, really got me going. The way she saunters up and down beside the table her slave is strapped down to, the way she drags her nails over his naked flesh, the extremes that she goes to to get his cock so hard that he nearly pops out of his skin.

This movie is ultimately a orgasm torture movie, but there’s a whole gauntlet of cock torture that goes into that.

Jade really lays on the pain. That’s why I love this movie. It’s authentic. There’s a ton of real pain here. She actually buries the tip of her long fingernail into his cock hole, she actually singes his ball hair with the electro wand. She actually leaves teeth marks on his shaft.

It looks so painful, but honestly, I found myself getting excited, thinking about how I wanted to go through that. Cock torture is so interesting because pleasure and pain are so closely connected through it.

Jade punishes his cock, but at the same time, she drags him closer to an insane orgasm.
Not only does she torture his flesh, but she also screws with his mind. She just doesn’t let him cum.

When he finally does explode all over her pretty face and tits, he’s in for a world of hurt. I won’t ruin the ending for you…

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Title: Ways To Ruin His Orgasm 2
Studio: Dark Circus
Starring: Maitresse Madeline

Ruined orgasm architect Maitresse Madeline is mean, cruel, and hot.

Little bitch has a mask on, and a dildo gag, cuffs around his balls, and his wrists bound behind his back. I love Maitress Madeline’s approach to cock domination.

Take that extreme torture, and juxtapose it with the simplicity of the gorgeous domme kneeling behind her cock slave, and lightly whispering insults into his ear, in her breathy, sexy voice as she strokes his cock.

There’s a lot going on in this, but the one consistent thing you can count on is Maitress Madeline knows how to control his cock, and she knows how to do it while looking damn good.

She also knows how to construct the perfect ruined orgasm.

Check it out here for free

male milking

Squeeze His Balls and Milk Him is a hell of a milking video. It’s got two very sexy, and powerful ladies in complete control of a tied up slave’s dick.

The older Mistress has more experience, so she’s sort of instructing the other Mistress on how to give a proper, painful, milking.

The younger, less experienced Mistress is a very sexy black girl with a spectacular rack. She’s a little timid with her slave’s pud in the palm of her hand, and it takes some chastising from the older Mistress to get her to perform up to her full cock teasing potential.

To show the younger Mistress, Lea, just how serious things should be, the head Mistress just fucking nails the slave in the nuts with a swift kick. That sort of sparks some inspiration for Lea, and she responds by clamping down on the slaves nuts with her fingers.

Lea really smashes his balls in her one hand, and slowly strokes his shaft with her other hand. The older Mistress tells her to take it slow, to bring the slave near the brink of orgasm, and then to quickly let go, and let him fall all the way back.

They proceed to slowly milk him, until his balls nearly explode. Lea’s pointer finger is placed over his cock hole, she strokes him so hard, and squeezes his nuts, so he’s caught in a mix of intense and heated pleasure, and painful denial.

Eventually, just as his knees begin to buckle, the older Mistress demands that Lea violently suck the slave’s cock so he can explode.

Just as he is about to spew his hot, white cum, the Mistress puts a bowl in front of his dick and proceeds to collect his jizz as it is ejected from his cock. She then has Lea smear the slaves pearly cum all over his lips.

painful milkingmale milking
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forced handjob

Yet another Dark Circus achievement in the forced handjob genre.
After seeing this one, I realized that it is a big fantasy of mine to be mummified and getting a handjob. There’s something so awesome about being completely, and literally, in the hands of a beautiful women.

I told a co-worker of mine this, and they laughed and said it’s a lazy and selfish fantasy. I agree, and disagree. It’s not about just getting something for nothing, about passively laying there “barely conscious” as my coworker put it. I think it’s about reaching a higher level of pleasure by giving up control. The pacing is always slower, more controlled when someone else is working you.

That’s what’s going on in Dark Circus’s “A Long Drawn-Out Affair”.
Plus, once again, Maitresse Madeline gives one hell of a performance.

tease and denial

First of all, Mistress Madeline is fucking amazingly hot. She’s got long, looong legs, a spectacular rack, and a stunning face. No wonder she demands to be worshipped.

Secondly, she’s a complete bitch. She really owns her slave’s dick. She strokes his pathetic cock anyway she wants, and tells him that she doesn’t mind stroking him all night long, keeping him on edge. She can do what she wants with his cock.

I love her technique too. She’s fully clothed, sitting in an office chair, while her cock-slave is laying naked on the floor. You should see how she gets his limp dick to stand at attention. She had nice long nails that she drags around his pee-hole and cock head. She spits on one finger and massages circles around his head. But, just when her slave appears to be liking what she does, she takes her highheels and drags them across the skin of his ball sack.

God, it’s ridiculously hot when she works his tip. Jacking his head off with feverish pumps, spitting on his dick. The whole time she laughs at him, insulting him.

The video is short and sweet, and shot perfectly. Mistress Madeline is a sight to behold and a real master of technique.
You’ll love it.

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chastity tease

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of Dark Circus, of Maitresse Madeline, and her little side-kick cuck hubby. As trite as this sounds, I think they’ve got their finger on the pulse. They usually have nice art direction, great niche work, and of course, the distractingly beautiful, Maitresse Madeline.

She’s what makes this video, as well as all their orgasm denial videos so excruciating. I mean, imagine seeing her gorgeous face just hovering near you cock. Having her long slender fingers wrapped around your oiled cock? Hearing her breathy voice whispering in your ear, tempting you?

You got to give it to her little chastity slave. He’s learning something from her. Cause if I was him, I’d be in for a hell of a lot of pain – as I don’t think I could go ten minutes with her teasing me.

But, maybe not. As you’ll see in this video, Madeline is incredibly skilled at owning a cock. She knows just how fast to stroke, for how long, with the perfect amount of pressure. My jealousy of her slave is composed of part desire to be in his shoes, to feel the pleasure in her palms, and part sympathy for his plight, to suffer that treatment.

Check out the video for free. I’d post scenes here, but my video thing is just all wonky and I’m not making promises as to when it will be fixed. Although, it will be fixed.

post orgasm torturepost orgasm tortureorgasm denial torturechastity slaveorgasm torture

So, I was going to post a bunch of ruined orgasm videos for you, but my video player is busted at the moment. Too much use?

Anyway, it should be fixed very soon, and once it is, I promise to post some ball cramping ruined orgasm videos.

In the meantime, here’s a quick gallery I threw together. Each image has a video associated with you, just click this link here, and it’ll take you to the video page. Once there, you can get a free account, and use your free time to watch movies.

Watch ruined orgasm videos till your cock’s content.

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forced milking

This fucking video. Oh my God.
I’m still aching. I want to watch it again.
I want to feel her finger tips dancing on my throbbing cock head. I want to be her cock slave. To feel her nails skating along the ridge of my burning cock head.

Maitresse Madeline is fucking amazing. Just absolutely amazing. It almost hurts to think about how hot she is, how masterfully she stroked cock.

This video is amazing. It’s a bunch of ruined orgasm vignettes. Each one is about ten minutes. Ten excruciating minutes.
There’s a lot of lube, a lot of spit, a lot of fierce stroking and slow finger tip work. And all the feverish pumping, the devilish stroking, the tyrannical teasing ends builds up to such intensity, such heat, that I almost shot magma. Too bad it all ends in frustration for the milk boy… but not for me.

Bookmark it.

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I have a special surprise for you, my little cuck hubby... It's waiting in my bedroom for you. Come with me, and you'll see... Bring that tiny caged cock with you. Ha! I'm back from my hot date... don't I look incredibly sexy in this tight dress and high heels?? Too bad it's not for YOU! I've brought my new boyfriend home with me, and YOU are going to watch me suck his big cock! Oh, yes you are! Remember when I used to suck your little dick like this? Remember what it felt like? But I locked you up with these keys safely around my neck, and you'll never be allowed to come again. No, only big dicks get orgasms... all my boyfriends! And little dicks must be chaste, forced to merely throb in their chastity cage, and are never permitted to come. Now, watch me suck off my new boyfriend, think hard about how you miss my lips around your own dick... Oh, I'm getting so wet! His cock tastes SO good! Now, if you ever want the chance to come again, you're going to have to lick his cum off my luscious tits D the keys to your chastity cage around my neck... DO IT NOW! love, Tara

Nice handjobs all along! Streched balls, cbt, long fingernails, intense stroking, homely milking, ball massage and hot chicks! Mena denial and hardest cum pressing!!! HIGH QUALITY (big file)

Video: Attack Of The C.F.N.M. Vol 4
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Studio: Pink Visual
Pay attention you chumps! These mean girls aren't here for your pleasure, they don't wanna fuck you... These hotties are the brazen bitches of CFNM, which means they stay clothed while jokers like you get stripped, humiliated, dominated, objectified and jerked-off until they are little more than a cum-covered coward being insulted and laughed at by the sexy sirens of the CNFM! C'mon fellas, are you brave enough to handle what's coming to you?

Stars: Alana Evans, Daisy Marie, Sophie Dee, Lexi Love, Amber Rayne, Roxy Deville, Regan Reese, Mackenzee Pierce, Kylee Reese, Alexis Texas, Courtney James, Cayden Moore, Giselle Humes
Ah, so you're ready for a real challenge? A new game for us to play together? Well, let's get started! As you can see... I'm totally nude for you. Are you growing hard and stiff already?? Good... Now, here are the rules. I'm going to countdown for you as you stroke your lovely, throbbing cock, and you must come on my command... EXACTLY when I get down to zero. That's right. You must come exactly when I reach the number zero and ONLY when I reach zero, or you'll be penalized. Don't manage to come in the very first round? Well, then I'll put on one item of clothing... try to come at zero again... not before and not after! Another round then? I'm going to cover more and more of my body each round, dressing more and more conservatively. That's right. It's going to grow more and more difficult for you to come as my beautiful body is covered up. You don't want to have to wait until the final round to come. Trust me! Are you ready to begin? We always have so much fun together! Oh, did I mention that if I grow bored, I may be tempted to trip you up and REALLY challenge you along the way?? love, Tara

Video: Leather Gloves Laboratory
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Ten breathtaking scenes of oriental girls giving erotic handjobs while wearing leather gloves! Each one of these hot, young babes will make you wish you had the opportunity to partake of their gloved hands. They all enjoy bringing their man to a climax this way and they teasingly let them drop their load on the gloves, after which, they do a little cum playing

Stars: Yuuki Hibino, Akane Mochida, Ayumu Kase, Haruna Ayase, Kokone Mizusawa, Reona Orihara, Waka Konno, Hikari Aotsuki, Rina Himekawa, Ren Hitomi
Video: A Young Footboy Gets Milked
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Studio: LL&L Video Productions
At only 18 years old he is the youngest boy lady M has ever encountered and you know how much she loves young boys. After all, how many women that are nearly 60 years of age are able to enjoy such a young man? He does a good job worshiping her famous ballet dancer feet (did you know that Lady Marie is a world renowned ballet dancer from France when she was younger?) with her incredible toe point and she rewards his young hard cock with a hand, tongue and pussy slide milking.

Stars: boytoy, Lady M